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Neila Steele and I are rolling out an additional podcast each week that will still fall under the umbrella of my Run Your Life series. 4 x Mindfulness is about Neila and I sharing our go to sources of mindfluness inspiration each week. It is a way for us to document the big ideas or themes related to mindfulness that have really resonated with us for that particular week. If you are really into mindfulness or a complete beginner with this practice, we sincerely hope that you will gain some strong takeaway value from each weekly episode of 4 x Mindfulness. In today’s episode, Neila shares a great story that she first heard on the Tim Ferriss podcast that is very much rooted in the seeds of mindfulness and the importance of being present. She also discusses the amazing work of John Kabat Zinn who is considered be one of the most renown mindfulness gurus worldwide. As for me, I share the story of Verna Myers, a well known consultant, who has devoted herself to helping people and organizations uncover certain biases that they hold. Being mindful and present is a part of this process. The last thing I share in today’s 4 x Mindfulness episode are a couple of specific approaches that have worked well in helping me to find more quiet and calm during my meditation sessions. We hope you enjoy the first installment of 4 x Mindfulness.


Neila Steele and Andy Vasily are international educators who have worked at fully authorized IB schools in 4 different countries over the past 16 years (Japan, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, and China). Andy is a consultant, workshop leader, presenter, and speaker. Neila presents and leads multiple workshops in the area of mindfulness. They have devoted themselves to sharing the powerful effects that mindfulness has on promoting greater mental, social, emotional, and physical well-being.

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