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4X Mindfulness: Mindful Musings From the Kingdom | Run Your Life #90

How do you try to be more self-aware of your emotional state? Do you employ specific strategies to better control your emotions? How much self-compassion do you have toward yourself? What role does ‘impermanence’ play in your life? How do you emotionally prime yourself to prepare for each day?

In the latest 4 X Mindfulness podcast, Neila Steele and Andy Vasily discuss the themes of impermanence, self-compassion, emotional priming, and breath control and the impact that these things can have on living a more mindful existence.

Neila opens up this podcast by sharing her thoughts related to the idea of impermanence. In particular, the work of Vinny Ferraro and his mantra, “Right now it’s like this”. Vinny created this mantra to illustrate the point that any intense emotional state (positive, negative or neutral) that we are experiencing does not last, so it is important to be aware of this and remind ourselves that everything that we experience is impermanent. This can help us better shape our perspective, especially in times of difficulty.

Neila’s second seed of mindfulness relates to a specific breath control strategy that we can utilize in order to better control our emotional state. Neila takes us through how to use this breath and models it for us to try out.

For Andy’s first seed of mindfulness, he discusses the importance of putting more self-compassion and self-forgiveness into action in our lives, especially when we may be feeling down. His second seed of mindfulness relates to the power of priming to help shape the way we feel when we start the each day. The concept of emotional priming is discussed in detail and ways that we can emotionally prime ourselves in order to start the day off on the right foot.

Andy and Neila hope you enjoy this episode and that there is takeaway applicable value that resonates with you in your life. Thanks for listening.


Neila Steele and Andy Vasily are international educators who have worked at fully authorized IB schools in 5 different countries over the past 16 years (Japan, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, China and Saudi Arabia). Andy is a pedagogical coordinator, consultant, workshop leader, presenter, and speaker. Neila presents and leads multiple workshops in the area of mindfulness. They have devoted themselves to sharing the powerful effects that mindfulness has on promoting greater mental, social, emotional, and physical well-being.

Neila Steele
Twitter: @neilasteele
Website: www.mindfulandpresent.com

Andy Vasily
Twitter: @andyvasily
Website: www.pyppewithandy.com

Themes Discussed:

Self-Compassion, Forgiveness, Breath Control, Emotional Priming, Impermanence, Reflection, Learning & Growth