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Wikispaces Classroom provides teachers with the power of wikispaces with additional structure and tools necessary to assist teachers in creating interactive web-space for their classes. Wikispaces Classroom is attractive for its intuitive ease of use, visual appeal, and staying power. A product of Wikispaces, an old favorite of mine, Wikispaces Classroom incorporates all of the features of the successful Wikispaces brand with some added tweaks to make it even more useful to teachers. Highly graphical in nature, Wikispaces has long been as easy as point and click to add pages, files, and projects, to start discussions, and to add calendar events. Now all of these functions can be done in a virtual classroom, with the added feature of assessments that measure student activity/engagement. If your school does not have an Learning Management System (LMS), or if the system is more complex for your needs, then Wikispaces Classroom as your first, best choice for building a website for your classes without the hassle of uber-complexity. Concerns None Sample Uses I use Wikispaces for projects and presentations that are best left out of my school’s Learning Management system. Wikispaces Classrooms will do an even better job in same niche for my presentation seminars, special assignments, and PLN projects. I remember an ISTE conference presentation where I was unable to coordinate with my co-presenters until 25 minutes before the actual presentation. Three minutes into our discussion I realized that we would be best served by my creating a Wikispaces for the presentation. In less than 15 minutes we had moved all of our resources and links, images, and embedded websites to just one wikispaces. See the results of 15 minutes of work, under extreme pressure. Hats off to Wikispaces! In another example I used Wikispaces to track and capture all of the rich materials and resources that were being given at an AP European History conference. See the results. Do I plan to use it? I already do, and will continue to even though my school has a fantastic LMS, Canvas. Commitment and Learning Curve If building a website can be easy, then this site is it! Yes, I am giving Wkispaces Classroom a low learning curve rating. The folks of Wikispaces have survived many competitors, and have honed their product with the guiding principal of ease-of-use. Best for ES MS or HS? MS & HS teachers, or for ES teaches who wish to provide resources and links to ES parents Cost: Free for a classroom, starting at $1000/year for 100 students for campuses   Website Link:
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