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The Answer Pad is a new tool that I just learned about and am excited to try with my math students. Log on to The Answer Pad and you will be able to set up your class to take quick formative or summative quizzes to help you know if students are understanding what you are teaching. There are TONS of resources in the site with lots of pre-made quizzes and the whole thing is aligned with CCSS standards. You can also create your own quizzes if you’d rather. Once you have your class setup you can either have students log into the website or use the app to send you feedback about their progress in class. The strength of this site is definitely it’s alignment with standards and the back-end reports you get about how your students are progressing.


The Answer Pad team has definitely gone to LOTS of work to make this as user friendly as possible, but, as with any good quality assessment tool it does take a little bit of a commitment for teachers to get started. You will need to set up your account, build your class, train your kids to log in and then start gathering data. All very doable in an hour or less but does require a teacher to put in the time ahead.

Sample Uses

This is a great feedback tool for your math and possibly science classes. Perfect for pop quizzes, review tests, or any other quiz or checkin you’d like to add to your class.

Do I plan to use it?

I’m going to try it out with my math class in the next few weeks. Just waiting on getting the app loaded onto the iPads.

Commitment and Learning Curve


Best for ES MS or HS?



Free! - Please note that I was wrong in the audio review. You can upgrade to a school account that does cost a bit for each subscriber. You can get all the details on The Answer Pad website.

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