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Weebly is a free web hosting service that allows teaches and students to build attractive, surprisingly sophisticated websites by the use of their walk-through upon setting up an account, and an engine built around a highly effective drag-and-drop design. If you have heard of WordPress, then you understand what Weebly is. So what sets Weebly apart? Ease of use. If you are a novice at website construction then start with Weebly. It is novice-friendly, walking first time builders to construct the look and feel of their website through a series of questions.



There is always a need to practice good digital citizenship. Other than that, I do not have any particular concern with Weebly.


Sample Uses

Teachers and students who are new to, or intimidated by, website design can start creating a website through Weebly. This engine is a perfect entry level choice. Low-budget schools can build their websites through Weebly, too.


Do I plan to use it?

We use a Weebly engine modified to work with National History Day. Every year we build scores of slick, high quality sites in this way.


Commitment and Learning Curve

Medium. This was a tough one to call. I wanted so much to say that the learning curve is low, but building websites with the flexibility to meet various educational needs is time consuming. Generating content itself takes boatloads of time, and making that content look good takes even longer.


Best for ES MS or HS?

Teachers of any grade level can use Weebly. Certainly HS students, and upper-level MS students





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