BetterLesson logo 400x400BetterLesson is a website that archives over 10,000 Common Core aligned lessons created by over 130 master teachers. Each lesson addresses specific Common Core standards, and veteran teachers vet each lesson.  

Simple Uses?

This site is useful to all K-12 teachers, especially those teachers who find themselves quickly assimilating the Common Core environment. The lessons themselves are of high quality, yet the added benefit to teachers are the resources included with each lesson. As teachers we need to modify curricular materials to better meet our students’ needs. BetterLesson allows you to secure the resources for a lesson and use them as you see fit.

Do I Plan To Use It?

Yes! There are hundreds of lessons that I would like to look at as a high school Social Science teacher. This site is high on my summer reading list.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Low. Follow the link, sign up in seconds, and set the defaults to automatically pull up only those resources that match your teaching load. Until mind reading devices are invented, I cannot think of an easier process flow.

Best For