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codecademy-logo1CodeCademy is a free, online, code instruction site. Not for the graphically driven among us, CoedCademy is crunchy and serious. If you wish to learn HTML, Python, or most of the popular coding languages out there, consider CodeCademy as an excellent resource. The user sees two windows, one with the code and one with the results of the code as an end user would see it, so feedback is instant. Badges are earned as you work your way through the courses. I like it!


CodeCademy is not for the casual user who wants to learn sequential thinking or to introduce coding. CodeCademy is for people who truly wish to learn to code. When used for that purpose, CodeCademy is fine. When used to intro coding, then it is misused. The result will be students who quickly bore and tire of it. The experience will kill any nascent interest in coding, so please use CodeCademy properly (i.e. as a true coding experience, after students have worked ion the fun, intro to coding sites and apps that are freely available).

Sample Uses

For personal use, to develop coding skills, COdeCademy is fine. Also, in preparation for AP Computer Science Ruby and HTML5 are two codes worth exploring. Finally, in a truly coding course, CodeCademy cannot be beat for the price (free), instant feedback, and badge recognition.

Do I plan to use it?

I have used CodeCademy for my own skill development, and I plan to use it for a semester course that I have created titled Computational and Systems Thinking (CaST).

Commitment and Learning Curve

High. Coding is not easy. While the lessons are self-paced, they do take time to build up a useful amount of coding skill.

Best for ES MS or HS?




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