Codemonkey is a web based programming tutorial.  It is a detailed, gamified instructional tool to teach basic javascript programming.  Students are placed in a visually appealing environment with a monkey and some bananas.  The monkey has various tasks to do and the students program the monkey to complete the tasks.  Mistakes mean the monkey does not reach its destination and they have to try again.  Failure IS an option, but so is mastery! Google sign in makes it easy to remember passwords.

Simple Uses?

Teach programming in your class with an easy to use and entertaining interface.  Next up, have students program on their own to make things happen without the tutorials.

Do I Plan To Use It?

Yes, I will be using it for grade six and a programming unit.

Commitment And Learning Curve

It is easy to start out for sure. The learning curve increases as you go along though. However, it does scaffold nicely and the students will be able to understand it as they go.

Best For



First 30 lessons are free, then you have to pay for it. $19 for an individual $90 for 30 students and $999 for a school district.