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Flashcard Machine LogoFlashcard Machine is what it says, and straight forward, no nonsense, flash card generator that is free to all users, with the reality of ads, and is ad-free if one donates to the cause.  I like this business model, allowing users to choose what we wish to see. The crowd-funding nature also appeals to me. Flashcard Machine is hoping to be that better mousetrap that will cause users to beat down the doors.

Though fairly Spartan in appearance, the tool is powerful in that one has options to make flashcard sets public or private, and also allows individual or collaborative editing. The cards themselves allow for text, image, HTML, or audio, thus making them powerful and flexible.



Sample Uses

Any student or teacher who wishes to build decks of flashcards will be happy to use this site. I think of AP European History as a likely topic. Given the curricular rewrite the course now has suggested people and topics to highlight as one teaches through the content. Making each suggestion into a flashcard makes sense to me.

Do I plan to use it?

Yes! I am teaching AP European History next year, so I will use this system, or another like it, to create flashcards decks for the class.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Low. Registration is free, and the creation of flashcards are straight forward editing windows that have familiar graphical symbols and instructions. No technological expertise necessary.

Best for ES MS or HS?

MS/HS, and teachers


Free, with ads, or no ads with a donation.

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