Cargo-Bot-IconWith a name like Cargobot, you might think this iPad programming puzzle would be rather boring. I mean who wants to move cargo around?  Strangely enough, a lot of students do.  Especially those with an engineering mindset. You know, the ones that look at cranes for hours and wonder how they work.

Cargobot is essentially a puzzler that implicitly teaches the basics of coding. This includes  programming skills like subroutines, loops and conditional programming. Students are encouraged to make their coding more efficient and use less commands to garner the same result.


It can become more difficult quickly and some students may become bored or frustrated.  Unlike CodeCombat and its world and clans, this is a more solitary endeavor.

No Google Play, iOS only.

Sample Uses

  • Supplement your regular lessons with this iPad app
  • Create competitions to push students along
  • Create your own leveling up inside the classroom experience by asking students to get past various levels, then they level up in your classroom. How fun!

Do I Plan to Use It?

I have already, but mostly as a supplemental or introductory activity for students. I don’t see this as a long term way to learn coding.

Commitment and Learning Curve

It is easy to get started out the gate. The learning curve of the game quickly increases, but using the game is easy. Teachers you will get questions from students, so either have another student expert at the ready, or be sure to stay a couple puzzles ahead!

Best for ES MS or HS?

Upper ES all the way to HS will enjoy this.


Totally free

Website Link

You can find it in the iTunes store and here:

Youtube link: