BreakoutEDU is a box with a lot of locks on it. OK, sound good enough?   You might ask, “so what?” and you would be right to do that. But thanks to some imagination, this box can become an incredible motivator for your students.  Something they will talk about and chase goals for.  Everybody wants to know what is inside a locked box! Basically, BreakoutEDU is a motivation system all wrapped up in a box. The awesome looking locks and unique nature of the idea will keep students motivated and curious for a while. There are a bunch of games already developed and available online. Cleverly, the designers password protest the games to so students won’t quickly solve them. Getting a password is free and easy though. A nice Google SlideShow is available to explain how it works.There is even a Facebook group to share ideas.

Simple Uses?

Every topic you could imagine where people have to solve a series of challenges. Examples from their website include:
  • Leap Year
  • Peter Cottontail
  • American Revolution
  • Coding
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Math “rocks”

Do I Plan To Use It?

I so want to use it! Will have to get it ordered and shipped out to Thailand though. Or have them make one here.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Medium. You need to put the game together, then run it in your classroom for a while. So it is part of your daily routine.

Best For



99 USD if you order it online. You can use their open source kit, but that means you are buying the parts and assembling it on your own. So, no matter what there is a cost.