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Sometimes in life you want a single, nice looking, design friendly space on the web. Somewhere you can send people to learn a little bit more about you, but nothing you really want to have to update on a regular basis. You know, sort of like a business card. Well Carrd can help. Carrd is a website that is designed to show off you, or a character you make up (see sample uses) for others to see.  With a single page maximum, Carrd requires students and others to be concise about how they will appear. Clean design is the idea here and creators must pick just an image or two and few words to give the viewer a sense of who you are.  Links to the usual social media accounts (along with the usual icons) let views extend their views.


It does require a username and password. It does not appear to use any external services, like Google, to help with that. Yet another name and password is a pain.  We should, of course, be concerned about what students share on the web.  That can be one of the reasons to use something like this though.

Sample Uses

  • Create a fictitious site for a character from a story a student has written or read about
  • Do a digital citizenship lesson for students where they create a Carrd site about  themselves.  Teach them what is appropriate and not appropriate to share.
  • Extend the digital citizenship lesson to older students who really do have a web presence and how creating a professional start page is a great way to take control of their digital reputation.
  • Use it as a one stop shop for teachers looking to show they model having their own digital trail.

Do I Plan to Use It?

Because I teach in the ES, I think I would not use it. For MS, I would use it for sure! Mostly for digital citizenship and creating opportunities to engage students in digital citizenship.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Very low.  Super easy to use.

Best for ES MS or HS?

MS and HS


Free for the basic site.

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