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Overview Crystal is an online writing evaluator that attempts to infer the personality for the writer based upon the totality of the writer’s work on available on the web. Blog posts, articles, self-assessment, and friend’s assessments are fair game for Crystal. The algorithms create a composite sketch of the individual. The results communicate to the inquirer how the individual in question should best be related to given specific scenarios. These include when speaking to, emailing, working with, when selling to … “X” person one should approach thusly. A list of what does and does not come naturally to “X” is also listed. In addition, the algorithms produce a reliability rating for the information, mine being 71%. Concerns When I showed my wife Crystal’s analytics on me she could not stop laughing, finishing with, “I don’t even know who this person is!” This is not a ringing endorsement of the product. It did not help matters that my colleague, Jamie Willett, was given the same profile that I was given. She is sweeter and gentler than me in every way. We are not at all alike. This is not to say that the product may improve. It will improve if it survives. I know, too, that I have a visceral dislike for reducing human personalities to algorithms. That being said, I do question just how far diction analytics can be used to determine character traits and personality. We write for varying audiences. My tech reviews are for teachers and Ed Tech coaches. My websites are as often for students and parents as the y are for people in the profession. I know that my snarky humor comes out more in my Letter from the Editor pieces on the ePub ICT in Practice than in other venues. Sample Uses If the analytics of Crystal worked at a level that I trusted, I could see the use of knowing how to approach a new colleague, how to manage “up,” and how to respond to a person on email. Do I plan to use it? No. Period. Commitment and Learning Curve The tool does desire that you feel out profile questionnaires for colleagues. That takes time.  Otherwise, it is straight forward. Best for ES MS or HS? None. Cost: Pricing is tiered: Free, $19/month, and $49/month Website Link:
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