In today’s episode, my guest, John Rinker, and I have an in-depth discussion about what design thinking means from our own perspectives and the role that it plays in education and in life. John has been teaching internationally for 25 years and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to design thinking. An avid cyclist and tinkerer, John shares his thoughts about the importance of working with our hands, as well as the need to be physically active in the outdoors. Although the focus of today’s episode is design thinking, we delve into the impact that the framework can have when applied to teacher instruction in physical education. Hope you find some great takeaway value in today’s podcast with John Rinker.

Connect with John Rinker

Twitter: @johnrinker


An international teacher, Apple Distinguished Educator, and Learning2 Leader with almost 25 years experience, John has been using tools, both analog and digital, most of his life to make cool things. He is inspired to leverage the best that technology has to offer in creating meaningful educational challenges for each of his students. His DIY mindset challenges him to look at problems in novel ways and to create imaginative solutions. John loves teaching because he gets to hang around with kids who are inclined towards creativity, invention, and play.

Themes Discussed:

Design Thinking, Relevance & Meaning, Love of Exploration, Physical Activity, Mindset, Lifelong Skills, Cycling, 3rd Culture Lifestyles, Empathy & Compassion, Getting Out of the Way of Learning