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Dr. Ruben Puentedura, Creator of SAMR | Education Vanguard Show #4

Jamie, Chris and I were  looking much forward to this interview with Dr. Ruben Puentedura, or as we like to call him, Mr. SAMR

Immediately we were impressed by how down to earth and how genuine he was.  He is the type of professor you would call Ruben instead of Puentedura.

I was surprised to learn that he starting developing the model way back in the 80’s.  I had assumed it was a newer model and was an overnight success.  However, as I am starting to learn, overnight successes often take many years to come to fruition.

Ruben starts off explaining what SAMR is and provides some nice, easy to understand examples for each of the four letters in SAMR.  He goes on to cover a whole lot more; a worthy listen!

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I started working on SAMR in the 80’s

SAMR stands for

This popular graphic provides a great visual explanation.



Dr. Ruben Puentedura is the Founder and President of Hippasus, a consulting firm based in Western Massachusetts, focusing on transformative applications of information technologies to education. He has implemented these approaches for over twenty-five years at a range of K-20 educational institutions, as well as health and arts organizations.

He is the creator of the SAMR model for selecting, using, and evaluating technology in education, which currently guides the work of the Maine Learning Technology Initiative, as well as multiple other projects worldwide. He is also the author of The EdTech Quintet, a categorization of the core technology toolset required for education derived from the Horizon Report.

His current work explores new directions in mobile computing, digital storytelling, learning analytics, and educational gaming, focusing on applications in areas where they have not been traditionally employed. He can be reached at .