This reflection reminds me of a podcast we did on the Concordia EdTech Podcast where we each gave 5 reasons for why we loved podcasting.  So I went back and re-read each of my reasons and realized that all of my reasons were internally motivated.  I enjoy hanging out with Mike and Chris, I like learning new things, and it helps me keep up with what’s new.  So I think that the 5 worst reasons to podcast would really be anything external.  If you decide to podcast because you think it will 1) make you famous 2) make you money 3) get you a promotion 4) impress your friends and family or 5) pad your resume.  Then you will probably be very disappointed by the process.  But, you never know, maybe your experience will be different than mine and you will become a rich and famous podcaster.  


There are a lot more reasons NOT to do a podcast than there are to do a podcast for sure. The hardest part of a podcast is sustainability. Keeping it going and flowing is beyond the initial excitement stage is nearly impossible without a clear mission and good support system.  So for this discussion I am going to sort of list the reasons to do a podcast, but in the negative so I match the title of this show.

Five reasons not to do a podcast:

  1. If you don’t have a built in support system.  This includes other people and co-hosts and someone to produce the show.
  2. If you don’t have blocked out time every week/month to make it happen.
  3. If you don’t enjoy reflection and the pain that it sometimes causes
  4. If you don’t enjoy running into new people and talking about what they have learned and shared with you for the show.
  5. If you don’t enjoy marketing your show.  Getting it out to other so they can benefit from your learnings.  This is the hardest part in many ways.  The least fun sometimes too.  


  1. As educators we are already too busy. Why add to the carnage?
  2. Podcasting is hard work. It is boatloads of work.
  3. People do not understand why you are doing it, or even what you are doing. When they do not know how hard it is, they naturally assume that it is easy.
  4. You do not have Nick Kent as you Principal. I do. It will likely be an uphill struggle for you to find the support to start and sustain a podcast.
  5. When you get a team together and you are really in a groove, someone is likely going to move on, and that is a major hurdle. Build, nurture, and maintain those relationships!!!