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Gibbon Helps You Devise Content Playlists for Your Students | Audio Review # 54 (Rebroadcast)

Gibbon lets people like you develop a playlist of web-based resources to share with your friends, students, team or maybe even your parents. You can link to anything on the web including video, graphics, infographics, articles or a plain old website. Students, and that includes anybody who views your page, click through the chapters you create for them to consume.  Playlist creators are able to leave a quick note at the outset of each chapter to introduce the upcoming content.

To get started you create an account and then build a team of people to assist you as you go through the resource location and curation process.

Playlists  can be shared publicly, privately (among your group) or by invite only.

It reminds me of a customized, mini website.

It is a great service, but it is a little hard to explain to others why it is different than List.ly, Flipboard, Diigo, or even Delicious.

Sample Uses

Do I Plan to Use It?

I do!  It has a narrow niche as other services can do similar things, but just differently.  I plan to use this as part of developing online courses.  I am excited to give it a try.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Best for ES MS or HS?

Starting at grade five and up is possible with Gibbon.  I can see students enjoying the process of putting it all together.


Free for up to 3 playlists and five team members.  A monthly fee applies after that.

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