It was great to sit down with Jo Bailey and record this episode live in Dubai at the Connected PE  Conference last month. Jo brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the field of physical education and has devoted herself to learning and continually refining her teaching practice. Jo shares her thoughtful stance on what quality physical education means and the major lessons that she has learned over the last few years that have greatly impacted the work she does.

Jo’s ability to be critically reflective about her own practice has allowed her to look at her own teaching with fresh eyes in order to ensure that she continually challenges herself to improve and get better. Jo has a unique perspective that has been shaped by living in different parts of the world which has helped her to develop a truly internationally minded outlook on life and on  teaching.

Jo’s Bio

Jo Bailey teaches Physical Education at D.C. Everest Senior High in Weston, WI., USA. Originally from the UK, Jo spent much of her life in Hong Kong and taught in the both the UK and Hong Kong for several years before moving to the USA in 2004. Jo is is a National Board Certified Teacher, a Google Certified Innovator, and was the 2013 Midwest SHAPE America High School Physical Education Teacher of the Year. An avid technology and gadget lover, Jo is always looking for ways to improve workflow, enhance learning (often through gamification), and leave more time for being active! She is committed to helping students find their fun through Physical Education. Jo blogs at

Connect with Jo:

Twitter: @lovephyed

Google +:  +Jo Bailey    

Themes Discussed:

Quality PE, Assessment, Meaning and Purpose, Connected PE, Good Teaching Practice, Major Lessons Learned