I have a squirrely class this year. They are awesome and I adore them but sometimes they just cannot stop moving. Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 3.34.21 PMSo, I finally decided that maybe I should take note of when they get fidgety and just let them move a bit. So I started making up my own mini exercise routines (touch your toes, jump up and down, etc.) to try to get them moving. And then I had an awesome thought, “You know, I bet there’s an website for this…” And that’s when I discovered Go Noodle. To be fair, I should say I “rediscovered Go Noodle.” Almost a year ago Mike told me about this site, but at the time, I had no use for it. But now it has become a lifesaver for me. Go Noodle is a website filled with short 2-3 min videos that are designed to get kids moving, help them wake up, help them focus, calm your class down and much more. You can set up a class account, choose an avatar (that grows the more videos you do), and then even favorite the videos you and your class like best so you can easily find them later.

Simple Uses?

Before a test, help your class calm down a focus on what’s coming up When your class arrives in the morning get the sleepy ones to wake up by doing some stretching Have your class do a few videos during indoor recess to help them move On days when you have lots of time in class and lots to cover reward good focused work with a Go Noodle video

Do I Plan To Use It?

Already do!

Commitment And Learning Curve


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