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The Leader and The Learner | Run Your Life #38

In what ways have you evolved as an educator throughout each stage of your career? To what extent has reflection played a role in moving you forward in a way that helps to embrace the change needed to deepen your pedagogy and practice? In today’s episode, I interview Jon Davidson, currently working as curriculum coordinator at the King Abdul University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia. Jon is a leader in the field of education who continually strives for excellence in deepening his understanding of teaching and learning.

Jon has held several positions ranging from classroom teacher to head of school over the past 20 years in the 7 different countries he has worked. He is a thoughtful and reflective educator who truly exemplifies what it means to be a lifelong learner.

In today’s episode, Jon and I have an informal discussion related to the thoughts we have about how pedagogy and practice can be improved upon to bring out the very best learning experiences possible for students and teachers alike. Jon is both leader and learner who continues to inspire those around him with his insight and wisdom.


Despite his South African roots, Jon was raised in the United Kingdom and spent the early years of his career in Bristol. Over 24 years ago, he moved to the Caribbean on a total whim and yet after 3 years he returned to the UK where he completed his Master’s Degree in Education at The University of Wales at Cardiff.

Rediscovering his itchy feet Jon’s next stop was Switzerland where he became deeply involved with the International Baccalaureate. Taking on the roles of workshop leader and school visitor, has allowed Jon to visit dozens of schools across Europe, Asia, Australia and, most recently, the Middle East.

With an international career that has seen him working in seven countries as homeroom teacher, MYP teacher, curriculum coordinator and Principal, Jon is the now the PYP coordinator at The KAUST School in Saudi Arabia. His curiosity about what contributes to great teaching remains unquenched and Jon is now fortunate enough to work in a school that actively

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Twitter: @DavidsonJond

Themes Discussed:

Inquiry, Teacher Empowerment, Leadership, Strategies to Move Teaching Forward, Student Engagement, Autonomy and Purpose