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What are the key components to better understanding leadership and becoming more proactive in taking the lead in our own personal and professional lives? In today’s episode, my guest, Kasson Bratton, an insightful leader from Nanjing International School, helps me to deconstruct the fundamental building blocks of leadership in an effort to more deeply understand what great leaders do in order to empower those around them and to focus on ‘giving’ rather than ‘taking’ control. Much of our discussion today revolves around a best selling book about leadership entitled Turn the Ship Around!: A True Story of Turning Followers Into Leaders written by Captain David Marquet, a former nuclear submarine commander in the US Naval Fleet. We delve into specific strategies and approaches that are immediately applicable to anyone wishing to better take the lead in their own lives. As well, we examine the mindset of great leaders and their relentless desire to connect, learn, grow, and develop their skills based upon their own unique needs both personally and professionally. We hope that anyone listening to this episode will have immediate takeaway value that can be applied in the work that they do.

Kasson Bratton Bio

Kasson Bratton is enjoying his second year as Head of Middle School at Nanjing International School. This marks his 11th year as an international educator with successful stints in Haiti, Scotland, Qatar, and now, wonderful China! Kasson holds an Ed.S in Educational Leadership from Capella University and an M.Ed from Portland State University. His professional passions are meeting the unique needs of adolescent learners, empowering his colleagues, and helping make the mission of inclusive education, creative thinking, international-mindedness, and personal excellence a reality. He is supported in these endeavors by his lovely wife, Olivia, and energetic five-year-old son, Harris.

Connect With Kasson

Twitter: @KB_Intl

Themes Discussed:

Taking vs Giving Control, Empowerment, Passion, Purpose & Clarity, Personal Mission Statements, The Meaning of Work, Allowing Failure, Assessing Risk

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