In this episode, Dr. Doug Gleddie, from the University of Alberta, digs deep into what he feels to be a few of the critical elements necessary for improving upon our pedagogy and practice in physical education. Among a few of the big themes discussed in this podcast are questioning protocol, critical partners, the difference between fun and joy in PE, educative vs. miseducative experiences, and the meaning of work. Doug shares a few useful teaching strategies that are sure to provide listeners with some valuable tools and approaches to help move their teaching forward. Doug is a thoughtful and reflective educator who embraces a physically active life and works to ensure that his preservice teachers find a true sense of meaning and purpose as they journey toward becoming full-time teachers.


Dr. Doug Gleddie is a husband and father who also happens to be an Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta 1048688_642628652429154_1817391971_o(Elementary Physical Education).  In a career filled with change, the only true constants have been physical activity/education, working with kids and, how joy fills the spaces in between.  Although it took him a while to fully embrace this epiphanal thought, the journey itself has enabled Doug to work with a wide variety of people and organizations across Canada and around the world.  Doug is currently researching narratives of movement and physical education as well as exploring the affective aspects of physical literacy.  He takes care of his own wellness by being active with his family; improving his guitar picking and; seeking new challenges each day. Visit Doug’s blog at

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Twitter: @doug_gleddie

Themes Discussed

Critical Partners

Questioning Protocol

Concept Learning

Organic Process of Learning

The Meaning of Work

Relational Teaching

Contextual Teaching and Learning

Educative vs Miseducative Experiences

Fun vs Joy in PE