Are you a Maker?  Because today we are going to meet teacher and maker Karie Huttner who will share her story of how she got into making and how she is inspiring her students to be makers too.  So please “make” time to listen to this episode of  Concordia Edtech Roundtable.

Notes & Links

We are happy to be joined (via skype from Wisconsin) by Karie Huttner, K-5 Educational Technology Coordinator and Math Resource Teacher from Verona Area School District in Wisconsin.


Q1: What got you into making?

A1: Playful Learning Conference – Minecraft, Makerspaces, 3D printer (Donor’s Choose)

Q2: How did you get your students started?


  • Evaluated locations… jumped without thinking…. brought out everything and went crazy
  • During Lunch hour (twice a week)
  • After-school with specific focuses
  • This year
    • SP Innovation Lab (4 30 min. indepth days focusing on the Constructing Modern Knowledge framework)

Q3: What are some challenges you’ve had getting a makerspace going at your school?


  • Philosophy doesn’t match what we do in the classroom (student driven)
  • Access to materials (assuming that students will know how to use different materials)
  • Engagement (time constraints to go beyond the surface)
  • Share something awesome you’re kids have done.
    • iCreate iLearn ( )
      • 3D printing
      • Wonder Workshop
      • Coding on Minecraft

Q4: Advice to those who want to start making.


  • Be prepared to not know what you are doing
  • to make mistakes with students
  • to step back and try again