Moodle is the most popular open-source Learning Management System in theMoodle Logo world. Moodle allows a school to construct an LMS and keep the monetary impact low, or even get away with the free aspects only. Being open sourced, Moodle is constantly being modified and improved, and therein lies both the blessing and the curse. Unlike pay-for LMSs, which offer off-site maintenance and updates as part of the package, Moodle requires a person at the school to be dedicated to maintaining the system. I strongly suggest that the person in charge of Moodle keep it simple and clean, thought this strategy does limit the power of the LMS.

Simple Uses?

Moodle is meant to be a free LMS for schools, and alternative to the paid LMSs out there.

Do I Plan To Use It?

No. My school has a powerful and useful LMS, Canvas, that does all that I need it to do. The cost is rather low, so the trade off is good for us here.

Commitment And Learning Curve

High-Very High. This system requires a person to oversee it on a daily basis.

Best For


Free for the basic version. Some add on are free and others are for purchase.