Orlando Bowen is the founder and Executive Director of One Voice One Team Youth Leadership Organization, a non-profit youth leadership development organization that uses sport and community awareness to teach leadership and life skills to young people. Although a former professional football player, Orlando prides himself more in his relentless pursuit of helping to empower other people to overcome adversity, find their passion, and use their gifts to serve others.

In this episode, Orlando opens up about a life changing experience that caused a profound shift within himself. Even though he had already committed himself to community service before this experience, the ordeal helped Orlando gain a deeper understanding of his purpose and intensified his desire to work with disadvanteged youth, teaching them how to take action to be their very best within the communities that they live.

In this podcast, Orlando shares his S.W.O.L.E model which emphasizes the values of Self-respect, Work ethic, Overcoming adversity, Leading by example, and Excellence. He has brought this model to over 300,000 people over the past 9 years through his training and leadership programs. You are sure to find valuable takeaway in our discussion.


Orlando Bowen holds a Master of Science degree in the Management of Information Technology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing from Northern Illinois University. He is former linebacker and co-captain at NIU and spent fours seasons in the Canadian Football League.

His mission is to inspire people to be GameChangers in the lives of others. GameChangers influence the path, perspective or possibilities for others and inspire people to see beyond their circumstances as they pursue excellence.

Orlando has been motivating youth and corporate audiences for years through keynotes and through his role of founder and Executive Director of One Voice One Team Youth Leadership Organization. Orlando empowers people to serve through their passions and he created the “S.W.O.L.E.” Leadership Development Program.

Orlando has been recognized for his work by; Being many awards including a 2013 QUEEN’S DIAMOND JUBILEE MEDAL, a national 2014 HARRY JEROME AWARD for community service and a 2015 National Youth Empowerment Award.

Connect with Orlando

  • Twitter: @orlandobowen
  • Website: www.orlandobowen.com

Major Themes Discussed

  • Teaching Excellence
  • Resilience
  • Teacher/Student Relationships
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Harvard Graduate School study on teacher/student connectedness
  • Ted Radio Hour: The Meaning of Work