Fortune magazine calls it “scary” and coming soon. Similar to Yelp, which let’s you rate restaurants and more, Peeple lets you rate individuals based on three criteria: peepleProfessional, Personal and Dating. I always thought personal and dating is sort of in the same area. You open the app up and describe yourself in three words about you such as your profession, interests and passion. It then asks to import your entire address book so it can see who is using Peeple in addition to you. Of course, you have to use Facebook to get an account in the first place and that lets Peeple see all your FB friends. You can see what your friends (or people you follow) are doing thanks to the location sensor.  It lets you find people nearby using that same location option. From there you have the chance to rate people based on the three criteria mentioned above. In a sense it is a giant reputation meter device.

Simple Uses?

  • Great discussion device in class for students on the power of rating systems and our online digital reputation.

Do I Plan To Use It?

Commitment And Learning Curve

Low and easy to use. Just give away your personal information and away you go.

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