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In this episode, Dr. Dean Kriellaars and I deconstruct the key fundamentals necessary in order to design the very best learning experiences possible in physical education. We delve into what it means to be physically literate and the critical importance of allowing every young person to find a specific movement pursuit that they fall in love with and strive to master. Mastery is not about medals and championships, nor is it about standing on podiums celebrating. Every young person deserves the right to find joy and love through some form of movement. Dean and I discuss the future of physical education and what it’s going to take to ensure that every single young person can strive toward becoming physically literate citizens of the world.

Dean is a passionate educator who is doing his very best to raise awareness about the need to bring movement and physical activity back into the every day life of young people. You are sure to get a lot of takeaway value from our discussion today.


Dr. Kriellaars is a faculty member of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba. He is a scientist of the Manitoba Institute of Child Health. His Human Performance Laboratory has numerous students directed to undertaking research on physical literacy and physical activity, related to health, performance, injury prevention and treatment. Dr. Kriellaars has been awarded two major university teaching awards, as well as national and international awards for scientific research and innovation. Dr. Kriellaars has received two University of Manitoba Presidential Outreach awards for meritorious community work, and recently was awarded the Campbell Award for longstanding community service. He was named as the co-chair of the Premiers Council on Health Living for the province of Manitoba. He was awarded the Healthy Living Award for his outstanding activities in building community wellness in the province of Manitoba. He was recently awarded the MPETA builder award for outstanding dedication and promotion of health and physical education in Manitoba. He works with Canadian Sport for Life, PHE Canada, the Sport Medicine and Science Council of Manitoba, Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse, Cirque du Soleil and the National Circus School, as well as the RCMP on community wellness initiatives.

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Twitter: @DeanKriellaars

Themes Discussed

Purposeful Movement, Mastery, Teaching Excellence, Physical Literacy, More is Not Better, The Meaning of Work, Physical Education

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