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Returning Guest Eugene Leonard Shares His School’s Digital Citizenship Parent Program | Education Vanguard #98

Digital communication is ubiquitous today in society, and in recent years, education. Nearly every international school has a device program such as iPads, laptops and more. While the primary reason for these devices from a teacher point of view is to create and consume information, they are often used by students for a much more interesting purpose: Communication! In addition, as we know, most students have their own personal digital device starting in middle school.

With lots of scary stories floating around out there, we often wonder how access to these devices impacts how, why and in what ways students use them to with each other and the wider world.  What sort of behaviors do these devices allow and drive?

How do parents feel about these changes that are likely taking place with less or their influence than in the past.

I welcome back Eugene Leanord from the Shen Wai International school in southern China to share the work they are doing with digital citizenship. Specifically with the parent community.

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Eugene Leonard, from Ireland, has been at Shen Wai International School in China for 5 years.

Previously taught in Iraq, Thailand, Abu Dhabi and Liverpool in the UK. Passionate about EdTech, Digital Citizenship and Podcasting and an Arsenal fan!