Tagul is another one of those word cloud apps. Thankfully this one actually works.  Ever since Wordle.net became a Tagulnightmare to use, I have been casually on the lookout for new word cloud.   Tagul does not disappoint! Tagul works by letting you copy and paste a bunch of text, or link to a website, into a box.  It then gathers all the words and creates a cloud of the most common words. If you use a word a lot, it appears larger than the others.  Frequency of word usage increases the size of the word in the graphic it renders. You can change colors, shapes, fonts and more.  Easy to use and looks great.  Downloading and sharing is all possible.

Simple Uses?

  • View what words you use or overuse
  • Grab a speech from a politician and pipe it into a word cloud.  Then compare what the word cloud says are the most used words with what the speech itself reads like or sounds like.
  • Art with words

Do I Plan To Use It?

Yes. Easy to use app and has a very specific purpose.

Commitment And Learning Curve

None! You just use it. Super simple site.

Best For



Free for non commercial use. Paid for higher resolution versions, but you won’t need it as an educator.