Tara Linney Shares Collaborative Techniques for Bringing Coding into the Elementary Classroom | Education Vanguard # 44

Coding is the new literacy!  Sometimes I want to shout that from the rooftops until everybody hears it and jumps onto the movement dropping everything they are doing now to focus on bringing daily coding into the classroom.

Guess what?  My yelling and screaming ain’t gonna make it happen. 😉  Instead, today’s guest Tara Linney of Singapore American School, has an alternative to bringing coding to the classroom. As an elementary technology coach, Tara chose to look for opportunities within the existing math curriculum for coding opportunities. One of the areas that jumped out quickly for her was geometry.

Tara shares her ideas with us today, including a study she is conducting on the efficacy of her efforts.

Tara is also the 21st Century Learning Innovative Educational Coaching award recipient this year. Go Tara!

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Tara is an EdTech Coach at Singapore American School. She is a Google Certified Innovator and Certified Trainer with a passion for incorporating technology-infused opportunities in pedagogically meaningful and impactful ways.

I listened to the needs of the teachers on my grade level and designed technology lessons to meet those needs.”