Gone are the days where we turn off the lights and have our students watch a video while we sit at our desk and grade papers. “Informational Text” as defined by Common Core it more than just text, it’s ALL media.  What are some ways to maximize use and make media meaningful in our classrooms?

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Interactivity, feedback, and data are the keys. That is why I use Zaption and Zaption Presenter in the classroom when I use videos. Dennis nails all of the relevant steps, and I would only add the benefits of what Zaption offers.


Common Core: Informational Text (Images, Videos, Audio, Art, infographics, tables, charts) not just written text.

Need to look at all media critically.  One approach is to apply “close reading” strategies to media.  Look for main ideas, themes, bias, details.

This is not new.  I have a “paper handout” written by Hall Davidson back in the 1990’s called “Take Charge of Your VCR” with a list of tips for showing videos in class.  http://dennisgrice.com/blog/?p=757  Here are just a few:

    • Preview the video before you show it.
    • Use short segments rather than full videos.  
    • Use the PAUSE button.


  • Turn on Close Captioning


Have a plan!  Have a pre-video activity (something that prepares them to watch) and a post video activity  (something that you can use to assess whether or not they learned the concept).