Data is so big … I said data is soooo big … How big is it?  Well, let me tell you today we  are exploring Big Data in the K-12 classroom. I don’t just mean crunching numbers on test results. I mean edTech-700x700teaching kids what Big Data is and how to use it to their benefit.  We’ve also got lessons learned, a letter from a listener. Really, a real listener.

Lessons Learned

Peter –

  1. Teaching your passion
  2. The need for Big Data in K-12.
  3. The Power of teaching “Guide on the side”.
  4. Evangelising BDA via distant learning.


  1. Tomato soup, spilled over the top of a microwave, may actually damage the device.
  2. Everybody needs a night out with friends. It is wonderfully restorative and helps to reset your thoughts if you are stuck in a rut.

Notes & Links

“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion” – William Edwards Deming

Big Data:

  • What is it?
  • Why teach it in K-12?

How Big Data supports individualized learning:

How big Data needs to be visualized to be useful:

Examples of useful, visualized data:

(WWII Casualties)

(World population and economic growth with Hans Rosling)

Examples of Big Data in K-12:

Where to go to learn how to use Big Data:

Implementing and Developing Big Data Analytics in the K-12 Curriculum: A Preliminary Stage

Research on Big Data in K-12 education

Examples of student presentations on Big Data

Listener Feedback (Theme Music):

From Mike Brandon out of Trinity Lutheran School in Klein, Texas:

“First of all I am super glad that Mr. Pinick came to the Texas District Teachers conference so I learned about the awesome things your school is doing.  The best thing I found was your podcasts.  I have really enjoyed the podcasts, and think the two of you have really found your groove since Christmas.  I really enjoyed the recent episode where you brought in the High School students to share their insights on the ever changing landscape of education.  As I implement change in my own classroom it was good to get a different perspective from people not only outside my school, but half away around the world.  It definitely helped to reinforce some of the plans I was hoping to make to are US Pre-AP History class, so THANK YOU!  Also in an early episode about sharing Chris mentioned his WWI propaganda PowerPoint.  Is there any way to get a copy of it to add a few slides to my WWI overview???

Thanks again for all the effort that goes into a weekly show – it is worth it!”

Thank you, Mike. I hope the website I sent you concerning using primary source songs is history is a help. I love sharing great resources with colleagues, and Mark Johnson’s Slave Spirituals podcast lesson plan is a sure home run!