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Tech Talk Roundtable 04-04 | A Good Podcast About Bad Presentations

Have you ever witnessed a presentation so boring that you thought, “Shoot me now!” There is a reason that they call them “bullet points.” Have you strained to read a slide packed with 12 point text, and then realized that the presenter was reading it to you word by word? Then you my friend, have been subjected to BAD Presentations!  Today we will discuss why people give bad presentations and what can be done to make them better.

Lessons Learned

Dennis – The best choice is not always the safe choice.

Chris – Consistency is key. Whether we’re talking about push-ups or podcasts, do what is good, do what you love, do it consistently.

Notes & Links

Life After Death by PowerPoint (A comedy bit by Don McMillan) – https://youtu.be/MjcO2ExtHso

7 Ways To Unleash Your Presentation Genius


  1. Think like a “tweet”
  2. Billboards are best
  3. Contrast is King
  4. Take 7 steps
  1. Give them their 3 F’s

Your listeners only want 3 things from you, so make sure you include them on your billboards.

  1. Shout, sing, scream, and sigh
  2. Focus on their SHIFT

How do I know if my presentation sucks?


Then, my friend, your presentation probably sucks.

Slide design: Dennis’ Pet Peeves

Chris’s criterium: You should know why every element in your presentation is in your presentation.