Like that energy boost you get from a  fresh cup of coffee in the morning, great conversation can energize your final-04-01edtechroundtable-mp3-image-700x700learning too.  Like a good coffee-talk, Great PD doesn’t have to come from a powerpoint presentation, it can come from a barista or anywhere teachers get together to share ideas.

Lessons Learned

Dennis – Google Sheets vs. Excel – When it comes to charts, Google wins.

Chris – Only panic after you are sure that you have a good reason to panic, and you never really have a good reason to panic.

Notes & Links

What is CoffeeEDU?  (

List of 52 Catchy Coffee Slogans and Great Taglines

Learning is about relationships.  

CoffeeEDU vs traditional PD

Traditional PD CoffeeEDU
Sit & Get Conversational
Learn from one person Everyone has something to share
Mandatory attendance. Stay til the end. You choose if you want to go or not. “Rule of 2 feet”
Just teachers at your school Open to anyone.
No coffee. COFFEE!!! (And baked items)