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Tech Talk Roundtable 04-18 | The Lecture – Love it or Leave it?

Go to just about any education conference and you’ll hear people lecturing about why we shouldn’t lecture.  Is this old school standby of information dissemination relevant in a student directed, project based, learning environment?  Or should it be put out to pasture once and for all?

Lessons Learned

Dennis – Failing and failing to learn are two different things. (AR Sandbox) https://arsandbox.ucdavis.edu/

Chris – Shouldn’t I be focusing on the learning rather than the teaching? Shouldn’t I be an educator more than I am a teacher?

“ In the educational process, students should be offered a wide variety of ways to learn, among which they could choose or with which they could experiment. They do not have to learn different things the same way. They should learn at a very early stage of “schooling” that learning how to learn is largely their responsibility — with the help they seek but that is not imposed on them.”

From UPenn’s Wharton School, The Objective of Education is Learning, not Teaching


“Relationships w/ Ss matter more than Standards, w/o them Ss couldn’t care less what you try to teach them” (Dianne Csoto, @MViTDiTeach)

Notes & Links

Lectures! Love them? Hate them? Who likes being lectured?

TED Talks!  

If only our teachers were as inspirational as those TED Talks, right?  What is it about TED lectures that work?  

TEDx Speakers Guide (PDF) http://storage.ted.com/tedx/manuals/tedxspeakerguide.pdf

Student Lectures (presentations) Use this format to let them show what they know.

Flipped Classroom Lectures – on video.  

Short segments. Can be viewed and reviewed outside class time to maximize teacher interaction with students.