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Overview Thematic takes presentations to the next level. A significant drawback to a typical PowerPoint presentation is the overdependence upon text, and the underutilization of images. Thematic addresses the issue head on, forcing users to minimize text and maximize images. This approach is as it should be. In presentations, the speaker should be the source of the information, with the images and text reinforcing the points that the presenter is making. Concerns No concern for adults, but the default setting is to make your creations public. You have to opt out of “public” so the service clearly wants creations shared liberally. Thus, students need to be walked through the process of making creations private and sharing through email addresses. Sample Uses Really, most presentations can do with less text and more image, so please consider Thematic for your next presentation. Teachers and students can both benefit from this service. Do I plan to use it? Yes! I created my first Thematic presentation in under 10 minutes. It is simple and easy to use. It also means less typing for me, as I can either recall my information or make a cheat sheet for when I present. Commitment and Learning Curve Low learning curve here. Simple and easy to use. Best for ES MS or HS? All teachers, and MS & HS students will benefit from Thematic. ES kids will find it useable as well, with the public versus private issues addressed above. Cost Free! Website Link:  
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