Reflection-Friday-Image-1024x955Watch/Listen to our interview at the 21Century Learning Conference with Ruben Puentedura (Mr. SAMR himself).


I like SAMR because it causes me to reflect on my teaching methods. If what I am doing is effective and efficient, and achieves the learning goals, then I am OK. However, if the judicious application of EdTech can accelerate learning, or bring in additional skills not otherwise accessible, then I am all over that!


The main thing I love about SAMR is that it is not about the tools anymore. The tools simply serve to help people bring a new form of instruction into the classroom.

I also love that it ranks you in a way. Even though Ruben Puentedura the SAMR author says it is not about trying to climb up the scale as a person, it still makes you want to.  Just human nature!

In the end, any system or standard helps us to move forward.  It is something we can rally around.


I think my favorite thing about SAMR is that it forces people to ask the question, am I using this technology in the most effective way possible?  l’ve always felt that it is somewhat ridiculous to always try to always climb the SAMR ladder.  For example, right now I’m writing this reflection on a Google Doc.  I used to write it in word, but now I can write it here and share the document with Michael and Chris.  I would say that we have reached the Augmentation stage with this.  Do I need to challenge this and move to Redefinition?  I don’t think so.  But I love that SAMR forces me to ask the question, “Could I make this process/lesson/task better with a different tool?”