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With Math Slide Apps Students Slide Into Math Facts With Ease. | Tech Tools Daily #129

I love this series of apps and so do my students.  There are several different math slide apps but each game runs the same way.  Up to 4 students can play the game at the same time.  Students open the app and then click “join” to be part of the game.  A problem shows up in the center of the screen and then students need to try to be the first to slide the correct answer into the center from the choices in their section of the screen.  It’s a very engaging way to practice place value and basic math facts and students love the fact that they get to play with others rather an being on their own.  



Sample Uses

Great as a center during math class, an extension for students who finish up early, or as a routine addition to your math class to help students practice their facts.  

Do I plan to use it?

Already do!

Commitment and Learning Curve


Best for ES MS or HS?  

ES or possibly some MS students who need to work on facts.  Definitely not higher than 6th or 7th grade.  


If you buy each slide game individually they are all free however if you buy the facts or place value suite it costs $2.99 USD.  

Website Link:

The company that creates the apps can be found at this website:  http://www.mathsadventures.co.nz/apps/  

Or you can simply search for “Math Slide” on your favorite app store.