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Wix Makes Building A Website As Easy As Drag And Drop | Tech Tools Daily #214


Explaining Wix is relatively simple.  It’s a platform for designing your own website.  What takes a bit more effort is explaining why you should choose Wix over the myriad of other website design platforms out there.  Here are some questions to help you think it through:

  1. Are you looking for something that is free?  Then go with Wix
  2. Are you looking for something that is simple?  Wix has made designing your own website about as easy as it can possibly be.  Almost everything is drag and drop and it is truly the most intuitive platform I’ve ever used.  
  3. Are you looking for something that is very visually appealing?  Wix integrates lots of photos and images into all its templates and so it is easy to make your website look really impressive.  Just make sure you’ve got some good photos first.  😉


It’s newer and so there are some plugins and widgets that it doesn’t have yet, but they are developing quickly so I’m sure all that will come soon.  

Sample Uses

Anytime you want to build a website this is a great resource to use.  Moreover, it’s free so it would be easy to have students try it out.  

Do I Plan to Use It?

I already built my own site.  Check it out here:  http://jamierwillett.wixsite.com/teach

Commitment and Learning Curve

Medium.  I’d say low in terms of website design, but since you are still designing a website it does require time and energy.  

Best for ES MS or HS?

MS and HS


Free, and there are paid versions if you would like your own domain.  

Website Link