Nicole Daignault’s passion to change lives through yoga began 20 years ago when she was first introduced to it in Canada. As Nicole states, she was hooked for life and knew in her heart that yoga would forever remain with her and committed herself to sharing it with others. After several years of training in various parts of the world, Nicole returned to her roots in Windsor, Canada to set up her own yoga practice and began to teach others how to transform their physical bodies, minds and health through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Nicole offers each of her learners a very individualized approach rooted in neuro-scientific awareness that is delivered with non-judgement, compassion, warmth, and kindness. She has worked with several schools helping teachers to integrate yoga activities in the classroom and in physical education. Identifying and correcting imbalances in body and mind are of paramount importance in the work that Nicole brings to all those that are lucky enough to cross her path. She is not the one to have all the answers, if you ask her "Could you write my nursing paper for me?", she won't be able to help you. However, it's possible to get another kind of help from her.


Nicole “Coco” Daignault was introduced to yoga in her early 20’s, and her life changed dramatically. Until that point, she suffered chronic pain due to scoliosis and a leg-length discrepancy.  When she lay in the relaxation pose at the end of that first yoga practice, Coco felt a pain-free bliss, thus beginning an intense physical and mental journey that took her around the world a few times.

In 1999, Coco did her Yoga Teacher Training in Varanasi, India.  Her understanding and fascination of the body/mind grew when she became a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. In 2003 she moved to Thailand, where she learned Thai Massage and shamanic healing.  Experiences with Vipassana meditation and Sufi whirling took her practice to new levels.  In 2005 Coco returned to her hometown of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, where she shares her knowledge and expertise.   

Over the years, people have come to know Coco as a teacher who gives unique guidance according to each individual’s particular needs.  She shares wisdom and insight based on her  practice and exploration of her own rotated and curved spine.  When working on a client, or teaching a student, Coco finds muscle imbalance and postural patterns, and gives suggestions on new ways of sitting, walking, and standing that correct these patterns, leading to improved physical, emotional and mental well-being. In recent years, Coco has been specializing in teaching modified yoga to people with disabilities, mental disorders, and traumatic brain injuries.  She is very grateful to witness the powerful healing benefits of yoga and massage on herself and others every day.  

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