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Mindfulness has become a big buzzword in schools lately.  Having students take time to do a self check and think about how they are thinking and feeling, what is stressing them, what might be tight or tense.  However, if you don’t know anything about mindfulness it’s a bit intimidating to try it out with your class.  I’ve got a class that gets very riled up and so I’ve started using yoga as a means of calming down after a particularly chaotic transition or lesson.  Yoga Studio App gives me ideas for poses I can do and sequences I can try.   It also gives me a way to destress on my own after a particularly stressful day in the classroom.  



Sample Uses

  • “Brain Breaks” with your class
  • Poses to use during mindfulness sessions

Do I plan to use it?


Commitment and Learning Curve


Best for ES MS or HS?  

All, even teachers



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