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Visual literacy, visual notetaking, visual… you name it. The theme this year in tech seems to be visual. When I first attended a PD session on visual notetaking I was honestly a bit overwhelmed. Drawing, although something I love, is not something I feel very confident about. Then I learned about The Noun Project and suddenly the idea of visuals became fun and even a little bit easy. The Noun Project was started by a team who wanted to create a global visual language and have created thousands of symbols that can be used to communicate.


I genuinely cannot think of anything I am worried about with this site. I love it.

Sample Uses

The options are endless for this one. You can have students use this for note taking, have students create their own images for words and upload them to the site, you can use symbols to design posters or use in student projects. The uses are endless…

Do I plan to use it?


Commitment and Learning Curve


Best for ES MS or HS?

Any level.


Free for the basics and then as you get more interested in various features you can subscribe for different options for $9.99/month

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