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Plant Nanny is a new fun app that reminds me of the old Tamagotchi Digi Pets from the 90’s combined with a Chia Pet. When you start the app you get to choose a plant that you are going to raise. You “feed” your plant by watering it, but in order to water the plant you need to drink water yourself. So by taking care of your body and drinking enough water, you take care of your digital plant. The app bases how much water you need on your weight and level of activity and will send you reminders periodically to give yourself, and your plant a drink. The gaming part of the game comes in once your plant is fully grown. Then you get to transfer your plant to your garden and you receive a certain number of seeds. You use those seeds to buy new plants to add to your garden. Of course you can also pay money for seeds so you can get more expensive/rare plants but I think that’s cheating since the whole point is to get you to drink water, but to each his own.


I don’t really have any worries about this one. It’s fun, motivating and a simple app that helps motivate you and your students to be healthy.

Sample Uses

This is a great app for health or PE classes to help remind students to drink water. If you have 1-1 iPads in your class it would be great to allow students to raise their plants so that they are reminded to drink water throughout the day.

Do I plan to use it?

Yup! I already use it myself and if I have 1-1 iPads next year I think I’ll have my students use it as well.

Commitment and Learning Curve


Best for ES MS or HS?

Any age!



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