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I’m going to let Readability speak for themselves, “Readability is a free reading platform that aims to deliver a great reading experience wherever you are, and to provide a system to connect readers to the writers they enjoy.” Essentially what their site does is that it takes articles from the web and cleans them up so they are easy to read. At first I felt like that was a little bit underwhelming. There are TONS of apps, extensions, plugins, and sites that do that. But what makes readability interesting is that you can create reading lists and then actually send all those articles as a bundle to your kindle so your articles become almost like a mini book. In my opinion, that is what makes readability unique.


Not really a concern but just a reality that if you are going to use this you would need to force yourself to make a new habit. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve known about readability for awhile, I like the idea behind it, but I have yet to actually create that kindle bundle I keep thinking about and read those articles I’ve added to my list. So my concern isn’t with the tool as much as the fact that we often don’t make time for reading.

Sample Uses

If you have students who are easily distracted using readability to clean up the article and make the main text stand out is always helpful. But, more helpful would be to collect articles that you would like to use for reading in your class. If you’re doing a unit on short stories, or newspaper articles this may be a quick and easy way to make a textbook.

Do I plan to use it?

Not sure yet, but I love the idea behind it.

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