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“Edmettle is a free service for teachers and students to track and leave feedback on skills like grit, initiative, perseverance, resilience, etc.” That quote comes from the guys at Edmettle to describe their site.   Think of it like Class Dojo, but recognition for other skills such as:
  • Collaboration
  • Grit
  • Independent work
  • Initiative
  • Self-regulation
You are welcome to add your own skills as well. Parents can be added to view behaviors as needed.   Website is clean, well designed and intuitive.


I am just not sure it is the type of thing to gain traction. They don’t currently have an app so there is some friction when it comes to rating students. Generally I like to see that process be as seamless as possible to encourage people to do it.   I think you might a more sticky solution in ClassCraft.  

Sample Uses

  • Set behavior goals for students in a classroom and track them
  • Set behavior goals for your sports team and track them
  • Set behavior goals for your fellow teachers and track them!

Do I Plan to Use It?

Probably not. It just does not speak to me. Nothing against the service or the way they put it together, but it does not solve a specific pain point for me.

Commitment and Learning Curve

It is super easy to use so the learning curve is very low. Higher commitment curve though. If you plan to use this, then you should do so every day.

Best for ES MS or HS?

It would work in the ES, but likely MS and HS are the best places for this.


Free; thanks guys.

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