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screen_shot_2015-04-15_at_10.58.40_amTodo Math is a suite of multi-level math games.  It’s designed for early grades and is highly  engaging.  Students move through different levels of math practice in things like counting, writing numbers, tallies, and then even build into concepts of equations and number sentences.


Great game at a wonderful price.  This is a fun way to engage students in repeated math practice but isn’t a substitute for a path program or hands on activities in math.

Sample Uses

This is for younger grades and so would be an excellent center during math time to reinforce key early childhood concepts

Do I plan to use it?

If I ever teach PS - Grade 2 it’s one that I hope I’ll remember!  For now I’ll recommend it to others.

Commitment and Learning Curve


Best for ES MS or HS?  




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