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If you are a parent or teacher to a preschooler, you might find Learner Mosaic a helpful app to providing insights into how your child or student interacts with various iOS Mobile apps. The app gives you a detailed report on what parts of Kidadaptive apps your child or student has been involved in. Even better, it provides suggestions on guiding your child or student and suggests conversations you might have outside of the app. The plan is to integrate the platform with other third party apps.


Will they really be able to find other app providers to partner with them? I suspect they will. However, the greater question is should we have our students play with apps at all at such a young age?

Sample Uses

The app provides suggestions on how to interact based on domains such as interests, skill building and more. This gives you a chance to customize the learning objectives as a parent or teacher.

Do I Plan to Use It?

Not yet. I like the idea, but plan to wait to see if how the third party app integration goes before committing the time

Commitment and Learning Curve

Low. It has a great interface and is intuitive to use.

Best for ES MS or HS?

ONLY ES. It is currently designed just for preschoolers. The concept sure would be nice in the older grades though. I think we are taking more steps to get there every day.


This app is free. The apps that it supports usually start free with in app purchases along the way.

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Other LInks

  • Great explainer video
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