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Edsurge is one of my favorite resources for keeping track of EdTech startups, products and services. Their sassy writing style and interest in edtech entrepreneurs keeps me on their mailing list.

One part of their site is dedicated to EdTech products and they call that the EdTech Index.   Like App Ed Review which we covered recently, the index provides a meta overview.  I like they way they split it into various categories including curriculum products,  teacher needs and school operations.  I easily, yet joyfully, get lost in the multiple categories as I explore their reviews, suggestions and opinions.


As with any of these sites, there are so many different options to look at and review.  I usually like to go to these sites when I DO NOT really need any specific app and just enjoy the browsing experience.

Sample Uses

Looking for PD platforms?  There is a large list of them.  Need to explore some classroom management apps, they have those too.  Need a homework helper for students in China?  Hey, that is there as well!

Do I Plan to Use It?

For sure.  It is not always easy to do five podcasts a week about apps.  This is a great resource for finding new ones to review and write about like I am doing here.

Commitment and Learning Curve

None really.   Just head to the website and go.

Best for ES MS or HS?

Some HS students might use it, but this is designed for the teaching professional like you.


Free.  Just costs some brain cells to read through it all and not get distracted.

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