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Have you ever wished there was an easy way for you to place your picture into a professional setting?  Such as on a laptop or mobile device?

Maybe you wished you could record a video and see it play virtually on an iPhone?

Thanks to PlaceIt, you can do that!

PlaceIt lets you take a photo, video or screen cast and place it into a tech device located in a professional background.  Again this is for video or still images.  There is a suite of built in editing tools that give you control over the final look.

You then download it or send it off to YouTube.


The free version is great, but the paid versions can be expensive quick!  So you would likely not use the paid version as a classroom teacher.

Sample Uses

  • Record a short video of your students
  • Shoot a photo of a student
  • Have students record their websites to show off in a professional setting
  • Do a short screencast demonstrating how to complete a task on the computer.

Do I Plan to Use It?

Certainly I will use it. Not just because it is such fun. I would like to use it professionally as well. I know my students will love it and we can have a great discussion on what makes for good design.

Commitment and Learning Curve

The tools are easy to use.  For me the hardest part was figuring out what the site was all about. I struggled to get my brain around that.

Best for ES MS or HS?

MS and HS will really enjoy this site.  Teachers will find it useful for all students though.


Watermarked versions are free, but costs are high for larger versions with no watermark.

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