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Chores and children are sometimes like oil and water. Adults say do it and, if they are like me when I was young, theyChoreMonster_logo-M-950f751b718b34a5726002a915dfb2a7actively or passively resist. As we all know, however, if the right incentives are given, then children (and adults) will respond. Chore Monster creates an incentive program for children to do chores. Adults, teachers or parents, create a list of chores for kids to complete. They can do this via the app (iOS and Android) or website. Students then complete the chores as required to earn points that are applied to in app rewards, such as a cooler looking monster, or external rewards set by the parents. For example, ice cream on a saturday. The website has a blog with some ideas as well. Many of them are chores for kids to do, so be sure to check that out.


There is always an ongoing debate about external versus intrinsic reward systems. I like extrinsic at the outset with the idea of moving it intrinsically later. But some people may disagree.

Sample Uses

Ask parents to use the app for home AND school for kids that struggle completing projects Use it in the classroom as a whole group. In other words, set up one account and the person is actually “the class.” As the class completes its chores, the score goes up!

Do I Plan to Use It?

I will float it by in my weekly newsletter to see what happens and if any interest is sparked. I did that with SeeSaw app and it went viral. Maybe this will too.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Learning curve is low, but commitment curve is fairly high. You have to set it up and stick with it to make it work for you.

Best for ES MS or HS?

ES and MS age kids are likely going to like it the most. At least on a longer term basis.



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